Effective July 1, 2024 the Township of Schreiber is implementing a “Pay As You Throw” waste program. Businesses or Commercial establishments will have 3 options below to select the appropriate method that best suits individual establishments. The option selected should reflect the quantity of waste produced weekly vs. the cost associated with that quantity. There are several ways to communicate your desired option with the Township below.

*All businesses must select and communicate an option by June 1, 2024
*A letter discussing the new program along with a form to fill out was mailed to each business and commercial establishment. If you did not receive a form or lost it, please go to the bottom of this page to download one.


  • Residential “Pay As You Throw” Curbside waste pick-up.
  • Waste collection takes place on Tuesday of every week.
  • Each bag tag will cost $2.50, and must be attached to the inside of each approved container on the top garbage bag, easily visible to the waste collection person.
  • Bag tags can be purchased at the Schreiber Municipal Complex Office.
  • If individual bags are placed at the curb for collection, EACH BAG WILL NEED A BAG TAG.


To prevent wildlife issues, a waste container must be used for curbside waste pick-up. For a container to be approved it must be constructed from plastic or metal and have a tight-fitting lid, carrying handles and capable of being sanitized. Approved containers will have a maximum volume of 121 litres (or less) and weigh no more than 18 kgs when collected.


  • A timed waste pickup system is available for all non-residential waste (for commercial, institutional, industrial and multi-residential entities).
  • The timed waste pickup occurs on Tuesday of each week. The business pays a fee based on the length of time required for Public Works staff to complete the collection.
  • Businesses are not obligated to register for timed pickup. If your businesses only generates a small amount of waste each week, you may purchase garbage tags and participate in Option #1.
  • For Businesses on the timed system a second collection will take place every Friday of every week.
  • The rates are applied as follows:
Group A: <5 Minutes$26.00
Group B: 5 - 10 Minutes$52.00
Group C: 10-15 Minutes$85.00
Group D: 15 - 20 Minutes$117.00


  • Opting out of curbside collection; bring solid waste to the landfill yourself using a Landfill Punch Card for payment.
  • Landfill Punch Cards can be purchased at the Schreiber Municipal Complex.
  • For Landfill hours of operation and fees please CLICK HERE


All Businesses or Commercial establishments MUST complete this form with their option by June 1, 2024. To submit your form to the Schreiber Municipal Complex Office you can:

A: Fill out the enclosed form you would have received in the mail and return it to the Schreiber Municipal Complex Office.

B: Scan and Email the completed form to

C: Fax the completed form to (807) 824-3231 (Att. to Director of Operations)

D: Complete the online form below and email it to