Schreiber Discovery Centre – Summer Advertising for Local Brick and Mortar Businesses

The Township of Schreiber is looking to advertise local businesses at the Schreiber Discovery Centre during its summer operating months through a new digital display platform. Any brick and mortar business that is interested would be billed on an annual basis at a rate of $100.00, plus HST, for the entire summer season while the museum is open. What each business can expect is:

  • A customized “slide” (including the business name and location) playing for 20 seconds and placed within a continuous visual playlist;
  • Design elements unique to the corporate identity of the business;
  • A small description (350 characters max) of the business and what services it offers; and
  • Selected pictures of products or services that each business offers (i.e. baking, burgers and pizza, outdoor adventure gear and supplies, etc.)

We are excited to provide this kind of opportunity to our businesses.

Any businesses that would like to advantage of this opportunity and express their point of interest need to contact:

Dominique Charbonneau – Community Economic Development Manager


Businesses wishing to participate will need to make cheques payable to the Township of Schreiber and sent to the following address:

204 Alberta Street, PO Box 40

Schreiber, ON P0T 2S0

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