Curbside recycling pickup takes place on the last Thursday of every month.

Recyclables must be on the curbside before 8:00 am. The pick-up service is available, free of charge to all residential users within the township.

Yes, you can drop off your recycling at the Landfill, there is no cost for residents and businesses. The rules and requirements for recycling are the same for both businesses and residents.

When recycling in Schreiber, we ask that residents use transparent plastic bags (regardless of colour) and keep fibers and containers in separate bags. Please clean your containers of any food before recycling, fibers must be dry.

What residents and business can recycle is outlined below.


The following containers are recyclable:
Item Requirements
Cans Aluminum and metal; crushed (if possible)
Aluminum foil wrap & trays Cleaned and crumpled
Gable top cartons Flattened
Juice boxes Flattened and without the straws
Plastic containers All #1 and #2s (look for the symbol on the bottom); crushed (if possible) and caps removed
The following fiber products are recyclable:
    • Boxboard
    • Cardboard
    • Fine papers
    • Flyers and junk mail
    • Magazines
    • Newspaper
    • Paper egg cartons
    • Soft cover books
If your cardboard is too large for plastic bags, please then dry, flattened and bundled it with string or twine, at a maximum of 3 ft. x 2 ft. x 1ft.

The following items are to placed in the garbage or recycled using alternative methods:
    • Aerosols
    • Glass
    • Plastic bags
    • Plastic bottle caps
    • Straws
    • Styrofoam
    • Tupperware
    • Styrofoam

Yes, a free e-waste recycling program is available for residents and businesses at the Landfill. We will accept all mercury-free electronics.

The following can be dropped off at the Landfill, but is not limited to:

Amplifiers Mice
Answering machines Monitors
Audio/visual players and recorders Printers
Cables Radios/receivers
Cameras Scanners
Cellphones Speakers
Computers Telephones
Copiers Tuners
Fax machines Turntables
Keyboards Video players & projectors
Laptops Video recorders

Electronics are not to be included among recycling for curbside pick-up. However, during Residential Spring Clean-Up Week, the township will be offering free e-waste curbside pick-up.

The Schreiber Municipal Office is a recognized Call2Recycle drop off location for batteries and cellphones! 204 Alberta Street, P.O. Box 40 

Please note that No wet cell (car) batteries, damaged batteries, or defective batteries, will be accepted.

Please Note: Electronics containing mercury will not be accepted.

A scrap metal collection program available at the Landfill and will accept any and all forms of scrap metal, appliances and metal-based items from businesses and residents, at a cost (Landfill Site Passes).

Please note: on-site attendants have the final say for what will or will not be accepted as “scrap metal.”

The costs for waste disposal are as follows:

2 punches - cars: 1/2 ton truck with equivalent of 5 or less garbage bags; access with no disposal $4.00
4 punches - 1/2 ton truck with equivalent of more than 5 garbage bags or construction waste $8.00
12 punches - trucks over 1 ton, up to and including single axle dump truck  $24.00
50 punches - licensed sewage disposal trucks (to be dumped in appropriate drying bed)  $100.00
100 punches - Tandem or tri-axle trucks  $200.00
300 punches - Tandem or tri-axle trucks with fuel contaminated soil (approx. 18 tonnes)  $600.00
Admin. fee for direct billing per invoice  $35.00
Derelict Vehicles  $50.00
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