An Asset Management Plan serves as a strategic, tactical and financial document, ensuring the management of the municipal infrastructure follows sound asset management practices and principles, while optimizing available resources and establishing desired levels of service.

A technically precise and financially rigorous asset management plan, as developed for the Township of Schreiber, will mean that sufficient investments are made to ensure the delivery of sustainable infrastructure services to current and future residents.

Download the Township of Schreiber Strategic Asset Management Plan 2022


To meet the Provincial Regulation 397/11 under the Green Energy Act, the Township of Schreiber has been inputting its energy consumption for use in the development of a document to guide Municipal efforts in improving energy efficiency. 2011 data was submitted in June 2013 and now 2012 data and a five year Energy Conservation & Demand Management (ECDM) Plan have been completed.

The Township has completed the review of its Official Plan and a new Official Plan has been adopted by Council via Bylaw 30-2012 on 2012-08-07.
As adopted by Council Bylaw 30-2012 on 2012-08-07*
*Note:  The Official Plan of the Township of Schreiber was modified and approved as modified by the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing pursuant to Subsection 17(34) of the Planning Act on December 27, 2013.

The link below is to a series of statements outlining disclosed details of paid salaries in the following calendar years:


This Strategic Plan not only identifies the Township of Schreiber's visions and goals for the municipality for the next three years, it is supported by strategies and action plans that will ultimately transform them into realities. The Plan is not only the Township of Schreiber's, it is representative of the entire community’s hopes and aspirations. It is the Corporation’s mission and values that will motivate our abilities and drive our commitment to action. Progress will be reported back to Council on a regular basis.

Download the Schreiber 3-Year Strategic Plan 2016

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