The Township of Schreiber is please to provide an opportunity for a Purchaser to adopt and place a customized plaque on a bench, picnic table or chair in memory of a friend or family member. The gift of a bench is a lasting tribute that benefits the community as a whole by enhancing your community’s parks and open space areas.

The Township of Schreiber Staff will work with the Purchaser to select a location that meets the Purchaser’s needs as well as the Township’s Needs. Memorial benches can be ordered by the Township throughout the year. Plaques are typical installed eight to twelve (8-12) weeks following the placement of an order. During winter months access to some locations may not be possible so the installation may be delayed. A list of existing benches, picnic tables and chairs are available below. Also, if you have an area in mind that is not on the list please contact us. Cemetery locations are not available for placement.

Adopt a Bench/Picnic Table/Chair Prices

BENCH with plaque $1,600.00 +HST contract fee

PICNIC TABLE with plaque $2,200.00 +HST contract fee

CHAIR with plaque $1,000.00 +HST contract fee

Ten Year Contract

This contract shall last a term of ten (10) years initiating from the installation date of the Purchaser’s customized plaque on a bench, picnic table or chair by the Township.

Contract Renewal Fee

This Contract may be renewed for a fee of four hundred dollars ($400.00) every ten (10) years from the installation date upon mutual consent from both Purchaser and Township. Once the Contract term has reached fruition, terminated, or not renewed, the Township will remove the Purchaser’s plaque from the bench, picnic table or chair and attempt to return this plaque to the Purchaser for their retention.

Adopt a Memorial Bench Program Application

If you would like to adopt a bench, picnic table or chair please fill out the application form and submit it to the Township of Schreiber office.

Memorial Bench Application:

Memorial Bench List:

For more information please contact:

Tammy Ibey | Director of Operations
Public Works & Rec. Maintenance | TOWNSHIP OF SCHREIBER
P.O. Box 40, 204 Alberta Street | Schreiber, ON, P0T 2S0
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