Schreiber is a great place for all ages, especially for the youth. Schreiber and the surrounding area is a gigantic playground with fun around every tree and excitement under ever rock.
Here are a list of adventures for kids big and small.

Discovery Centre

Virtual exhibit with interactive train museum

Outdoor Rink

During the summer months you can play ball hockey, scooter, skateboard or roller blades on the paved surface.
During the winter months, enjoy some good old fashion outdoor hockey with lights to allow for evening play.

Please remember to wear the necessary protective gear and always be safe.

Casques Isles
Picnic Table Lookout

With every step you can explore something new with this Costal Recreation Hiking Trail to Lake Superior Lookout!

Baseball Field

The Southern Recreational plaza holds two Baseball Fields.
One field is dedicated to JR play, the other is for adolescents and adults.

Youth Room

This is a great spot to hang out! Located inside the Arena the room is equipped with a Flat screen Tv, PlayStation 4, Free Wi-Fi, pool table/ ping pong table/ air hockey table.

Municipal Complex

The Municipal Complex houses a gymnasium that provides great indoor play. Some of the popular games played are: Basketball, Floor Hockey, Dodge Ball, Soccer, Volleyball, and Badminton just to name a few.

Soccer Field

This JR size soccer field is perfect place for kids to practice their skill. The field is used on many occasions by the local schools for soccer tournaments and by the Township for programming.