Franco Ontarian Day

WHEREAS on May 18, 2010, the Legislative Assembly of Ontario enacted the Franco-Ontarian Day Act, 2010 proclaiming September 25th in each year as the Franco-Ontarian Day;

AND WHEREAS the Franco-Ontarian Day Act recognizes that Franco-Ontarians commemorate September 25th to celebrate their language and heritage and also take pride in their collective accomplishments. September 25th is the anniversary of the first unveiling of the Franco-Ontarian flag in Sudbury in 1975; the Franco-Ontarian Emblem Act, 2001 recognizes the flag as the emblem of the Francophone community of Ontario;

AND WHEREAS by proclaiming September 25th as Franco-Ontarian Day, this Act officially recognizes the contributions of the Francophone community of Ontario to the social, economic and political life of the Province and the community’s importance in Ontario’s society;

AND WHEREAS French is one of the two official languages of Canada and French language has been spoken in Ontario since the 17th century;

NOW THEREFORE, I, Dave Hamilton, Mayor of the Township of Schreiber, do hereby proclaim September 25th as “Franco-Ontarian Day” in the Township of Schreiber.

Dated in the Mayor’s Office this 24th day of September, 2020.

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