Incident Report Request

Incident Reports are records of the details related to an incident the Schreiber Fire Department (SFD) has attended. The types of calls that we attend include fires, motor vehicle collisions and dangerous goods spills.

Who can request a report?

These reports are usually requested by insurance companies, law offices and members of the public. Whoever submits the request for the report is responsible for the Fee. We do not offer third-party billing. Reports will not be released until payment is received.

What information do I need to get a report?

You must provide the following information in order to get a report:

Date, location, time and type of incident.

Your contact information.

This form, completed and submitted to town hall.

The form may be dropped off in person at 204 Alberta Street, emailed to or faxed to 807-824-3231.

Not Provided

The report does not contain:

  • The identity of any victim or injured party.
  • The identity of any 911 callers or complainants.
  • Any record relating to first aid rendered by members of the SFD.
  • The status or outcome of any investigation or charges related to the event.


No file search will occur until payment is received.

The application fee is $30.00 (effective January 1, 2024). Please note that this fee is HST exempt. Fee charged in accordance with Schreiber Bylaw 53-2023.

We accept debit, cash, cheque, or money order payable to the Township of Schreiber.

At this time the Township does not accept credit card payments.

Payments through online or telephone banking are accepted. However, we cannot receive these types of payments from TD or RBC banks.

In the event of an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), please have the payment notification email sent to These payments are different from the online/telephone banking options.