Feeding Wildlife Bylaw

Attention Residents of the Township of Schreiber

Schreiber now has in effect a Feeding Wildlife Bylaw. Bylaw 37-2020 came into effect October 13 2020 and places restrictions on feeding wildlife including but not limited to pigeons and bears. Council approved that it would be in the public interest to enact a Bylaw to prohibit the feeding of wild animals within the Township of Schreiber.

Exemption: Bird Feeders, using bird feed only between the period of November 1st to April 30th.

  • No Owner or Occupier of land within the Township of Schreiber shall intentionally feed, cause to be fed, or provide or make available food attractants or other similar substances for the consumption of Wildlife within the boundaries of the Township of Schreiber, on either private or public property.
  • No Owner or Occupier of land shall place or allow any Device or other material to be placed outdoors or on any public or private property for the purpose of attracting or feeding Wildlife.
  • Every Property Owner or Occupier shall promptly remove any attractants placed on the Owner’s or Occupier’s property in violation of the Bylaw

Any person convicted of an offence created by this Bylaw is subject to the penalties prescribed by the Provincial Offences Act. For more information visit the Township of Schreiber website or contact Bylaw Enforcement Office at 824 2711 ext 227

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