Moving Forward

Moving Forward means to accomplish something each day that brings us one step closer to our ultimate vision of leading Schreiber into a future of growth and prosperity. We are committed to maintaining our momentum as we stay on the right track towards success.

Building Genuine Relationships Within the Township

“Schreiber is a community of family tradition, pride and great heritage… Schreiber is and always will be home, and home is where the heart is.”

Becoming Advocates for Local Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

We commit to getting to know you personally, and to understanding the challenges facing your business. We want to represent you locally and beyond, and fight for those things which will help make your business more successful.

Strengthening our Brand and Bringing the Schreiber Experience to Life

The top priority of the economic development team will be to revitalize and beautify key areas in a way which expresses and strengthens our brand identity.

Once this is accomplished, the main focus will be to rapidly expand awareness of the Schreiber brand experience in order to attract sustainable business investment, as well as facilitating traffic and tourism to the key business areas of the Township.


Schreiber Discovery Centre

The Township of Schreiber is continuously working on the interpretive planning and front desk operations for the Schreiber Discovery Centre. The interpretive planning and design components of the Schreiber Discovery Centre will allow people of the public to learn about a variety of topics about Schreiber. Whether that is trains and the railway, participating in a virtual experience of being on a train ride, or encompassing Schreiber’s culture, our Discovery Centre will enrich the experience of the Schreiber locals and any tourists who come to see our beloved town. The Schreiber Discovery Centre will be open as of Monday, July 11th 2022 and will be closing Saturday September 3rd 2022 for the winter season.

Downtown Revitalization Project

The Township of Schreiber’s Downtown Revitalization project looks not only to spruce up the image of Schreiber’s downtown, but to create a more inclusive and welcoming space for locals and tourists to come and enjoy themselves within the community. This project will be looking to include landscaping of the area, a splash pad and children’s play area, outdoor fitness equipment and a open courtyard for residents and tourists to enjoy.

This project is possible thanks to the contributions from the Township of Schreiber, the Northern Ontario Heritage Funding Corporation (NOHFC), and Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario (FEDNOR).

This project will begin site preparations in August of 2021 and be ready to use for the general public and tourists in the Summer of 2022.

Wayfinding and Signage 

The Township of Schreiber has installed various wayfinding and directional signs throughout the Township and along the Trans Canada Highway 17.

The Township of Schreiber will be looking to implement Phase 3 of our Wayfinding and Signage project in the Summer of 2023, where Schreiber Municipal Display signs will be placed along the eastern and western entry points to Schreiber along Trans Canada Highway 17 and updates to some of our existing highway signage along the North Shore will be replaced by placemarker/destination signs.

A6 Trail Upgrades: Phase 2

The Township of Schreiber is working with the Casques Isles Hiking Club to have a Trail Feasibility/Engineering study done for the section of the Casque Isles trail that stretches from the Hobbits Corner to Schreiber Beach. Once funding is confirmed for this study and it has been completed, long-term planning will commence for the capital construction component of this project to be underway.

Housing Needs and Demand Study

The Township of Schreiber will be looking towards getting a Housing Needs and Demand Study done by a third-party consultant. This study will allow us to understand the current housing stock and its characteristics, the existing housing gap, the long-term needs and projections for new housing development, as well as additional factors within the community.

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