Cemetery Operations

The Township of Schreiber is licensed as the Cemetery Operator of the Schreiber Cemetery (License # CM-04149) by the Bereavement Authority of Ontario, under the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002. 

Bylaw 35-2023, Township of Schreiber Cemetery Bylaw, provides for the regulation, management and maintenance of the cemetery and details information such as interments and disinterments, inurnments and disinurnments, memorials, general regulations and the cemetery price list.  A copy of the Bylaw is available at the Municipal Office.

For a copy of the Schreiber Cemetery Price List, click here.

Cemetery Arrangements

Lots are available for purchase in the Schreiber Cemetery for both full burial and the burial of cremains.  Cremains may also be inurned in the columbarium located in the cemetery, or on top of an existing full burial in the cemetery.  The Township of Schreiber does not allow for the pre-purchase of any lots for future use, but does allow for the pre-purchase of niches in the columbarium for future use.

A contract for the purchase of interment rights and services or inurnment rights and services is required to be completed for the pre-purchase of niches in the columbarium and for every burial that is done in the cemetery.

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A Consumer Information Guide

‘A Guide to Death Care in Ontario’, has been developed by the Bereavement Authority of Ontario.  To access the guide, please click here. BAO A Guide to Death Care in Ontario.

Schreiber Cemetery Tour

In 2010, a Superior North CFDC Local Initiatives contribution funded by FedNor allowed for the creation of the Schreiber Cemetery Tour Brochure with the Schreiber Public Library. We invite you to discover Schreiber’s hidden history at the cemetery with the Cemetery Tour. Download the Cemetery Map Here.