A growing community with many new options for investment

Our beautiful town is emerging from a time of economic hardship following the mine closure of 1999, and entering into a period of investment, beautification and revitalization. Over the past few years, Schreiber has received an infusion of new residents who have chosen to call Schreiber home. They have been drawn by increased employment opportunities in the town and surrounding area, which just happens to be framed by beautiful nature, accessible amenities and friendly neighbours. In fact, our population has increased by over 30% since 2006.

Partnership with Terrace Bay

Our neighbour to the east is experiencing a historical boom period. After sustaining their own economic downturn following the closure of the local pulp mill, the acquisition of the mill by the Aditya Birla Group m arks the beginning of a  $250 million planned investment in the AV Terrace Bay Inc. operation. The long term security of Terrace Bay’s pulp mill means that, as in the past, many residents will choose to live in the unique beauty of Schreiber and make the 14 km (10 minutes) commute to work in Terrace Bay.

A renewed commitment to stimulating the local economy

A renewed commitment to stimulating the local economy

Schreiber has a new economic development team! Day in and day out, they will be working closely with local government, businesses and people to make Schreiber an even more lucrative place to invest.

To learn more about economic development in Schreiber, visit our Community Economic Development page.