No Body Contact League

Welcome to the Township of Schreiber No Body Contact Hockey League (NBC). We provide adults with the very best opportunity to enjoy adult recreational hockey in a fun, safe and competitive atmosphere. All games will have one referee, one score keeper, and games will be recorded on a game sheet. All information on the league including stats, standings, and news will be located on a dedicated web page that can be accessed on desktop or mobile phone.

All games will be 4 on 4 and consist of 3 x 10-minute straight time periods with 5-minute breaks in between each period. Teams will have 10 minutes to warm up. In the regular season, a total of 40 games will be played after which a round robin series will be played to determine a champion.

Registration cost is $200 for the whole season which includes a practice jersey. Registration can be done as a team or as an individual. All individuals will be put on a list to either build a team or to be distributed to the submitted teams.

2020-2021 NBC hockey league will begin on October 20th, 2020 and will run to March 25th, 2021. The current Hockey Canada Rule Book will be utilized for all games except for rules specific to the No Body Contact Hockey League as outlined within the NBCHL Rules and Regulations.

For more information check out the NBCHL Rules and Regulations.