Waste Reduction Week! – October 16 – 22, 2017

Posted on October 16, 2017

Waste Reduction Week!

The Council of the Township of Schreiber is pleased to announce that October 16 – 22, 2017 is hereby proclaimed Waste Reduction Week in the Township of Schreiber!

As a municipality, we are commited to reducing our waste, conserving resources and educating our community about sustainable living. We recognize the generation of solid waste and the needless waste of resources as global problems and endeavour to take the lead in our community towards environmental sustainability!

Waste Reduction Week Themes

October 16 – Circular Economy!

When you take a raw material, make something, use it, and dispose it; that is a linear economy. The solution is in the circular economy where we design products so resources can be reused and reinvested in new products again and again.

How is this different from recycling? Rather than having to find a recycling solutions after a product is designed and brought to market recovery and material reuse is part of the design and manufacturing process of the product from the beginning.

October 17 – Textile Tuesday!

Did you know the average person throws away 37 kilograms of textiles each year, and 95 per cent of those clothes could be reused or recycled? Globally, textiles waste has increased dramatically due to the rise in clothing consumption and production.

Textiles Tuesday will raise awareness on the environmental consequences of clothing and textiles consumption!

October 18 – Celebrating Champions & Innovators

Today we are celebrating the champions and innovators who are disrupting traditional business models to embrace waste reduction initiatives.  We will tell the stories that celebrate what is possible when organizations approach waste reduction positively and progressively and those that are moving the conversation on waste reduction forward to what the next great innovation will be.


Since the 1950s 8.3 billion tons of plastic has been generated around the world and only 23 per cent of those plastics have been recovered or recycled. It is estimated that an additional 12 billion tonnes of plastic will be lost to disposal by 2050.

Join us as we highlight how the circular economy can drive resource efficiency and reduce the amount of plastic waste generated. Companies are creating innovate products and process to reduce plastics use altogether and to recover and reuse plastics that are already in the environment.

Did you know that some shampoo bottles, shoes and other materials are being produced using plastic waste recovered from oceans? You can now build a deck with recycled plastic lumber and buy boots made from plastic water bottles.


Take the pledge and commit to making choices that will keep your food from becoming waste. You can take the pledge as an individual, school, business/organization, household, or community.

When you take the Food Waste Pledge, you’ll committ to:

  • Learn about food waste in Canada
  • Take action to reduce your food waste by:
    • Planning meals and making a grocery list
    • Storing fruits and vegetables properly so they last longer
    • Getting creative with leftovers
    • Thinking about expiry dates


Swapping, sharing, or refurbishing extends product / material lifecycles and diverts them from disposal. On the weekend of Waste Reduction Week, we are encouraging Canadians to think about the lifecycle of their materials and learn more about sustainable consumption, the sharing economy, and extending the life of materials through reuse. On Saturday and Sunday of Waste Reduction Week, promote reuse in your community by organizing a swap, share, or repair event.