Schreiber Beach

Visiting Attractions Schreiber Beach
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Schreiber Beach is a must see for tourists who prefer a more relaxing pace. Lake Superior’s sandy beaches provide the perfect opportunity for swimming, picnicking or hiking. Stop for a rest in Schreiber’s beautiful gazebo. To find this secretive beach, ask a local or proceed to the downtown area, pass through the CPR underpass and turn right immediately following the underpass.

For those visitors interested in geology, what is possibly North America’s most diverse, best preserved and internationally known collection of micro-fossils within Precambrian rock is found in the Schreiber Channel.
Picturesque Schreiber Beach
This nature reserve is located just southwest of Schreiber. As one hikes along the shore of Lake Superior, one comes across a group of unusual concentric rings embedded in the rock. The rings vary in colour and size, with the largest more than three feet in diameter. They are clearly visible over a couple hundred square yards of bedrock that slopes down to the lake.  It is not readily apparent what caused these intriguing circles, or stromatolites, in the rock.
Schreiber Beach also provides access to Mount Gwynne through a rugged 2 to 4 hour hike that provides those successful with a breath-taking 360° view of the area.
A Day Swimming at Schreiber Beach