Rail Array Museum

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Schreiber is home to the recently completed Railway Heritage and Festival site that highlights the community’s background as the oldest railway community on the North Shore of Lake Superior. It builds on the history and culture both of Schreiber and the Canadian Pacific Railway.
Schreiber was first founded in the 1880s as a railway construction camp. Initially called Isbester’s Landing, the town later was renamed after a railway engineer, Sir Collingwood Schreiber, and it became a booming terminal for C.P.R. Subsequently, the area became home to hundreds of immigrants from Southern Italy, whose descendants remain there today.
It is a must see for all railway enthusiasts and other visitors who are interested in the past.
Check out the new website for the Schreiber Rail Array Museum by clicking on the following link.
Performance at the Rail Array Festival Site
Some of the History Inside the Museum