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Over the years, Terrace Bay has grown to be known for its excellent waves and secluded location on Lake Superior. Surfing enthusiasts come from all over the region to enjoy the sport year round!
This page is dedicated to providing information to keep surfing enthusiasts informed and safe. As this page continues to grow, we would love to hear from you about any ideas you have to help us improve it!
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Surfing in Terrace Bay


Relevant Information

This compiled information is more relevant for surfing enthusiasts unfamiliar with the waters of Lake Superior. On average, during the summer months,  the temperatures in Lake Superior are around 4 ºC or 40 ºF, but are swimmable at specific beaches where the water is shallow. Unfortunately, Terrace Bay Beach, Pumphouse Beach and Hydro Bay are not warmer places in the Lake to swim/surf unprotected. Please bring the appropriate gear for surfing in cool and cold temperatures!


Weather Maps

Wind, Wave, Weather and Advisory Maps for Lake Superior and Terrace Bay:


Featured Pictures

These excellent pictures were provided to us by visiting surfer, Amy Kukkee, of ARossi Co. Photography. All rights to the pictures remain with the photographer.


Amy Kukkee - Surfing in Fall

Surfing at Hydro Bay in the Fall


Amy Kukkee - Surfing in Spring

Surfing in Lake Superior in the Spring


Amy Kukkee - Surfing in Lake Superior

Surfing in Lake Superior


Amy Kukkee - Surfing Hydro in the Winter

Surfing at Hydro Bay in the Winter


Featured Videos

YouTube videos sent us that highlight surfing on the water in Terrace Bay and Lake Superior:


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