Outdoor Activities

Visiting Outdoor Activities


The Terrace Bay and Schreiber area is an ideal spot to go camping and enjoy the rugged beauty that is Northern Ontario, especially in such a more mountainous region. Campers can enjoy the splendor of the forest while maintaining a relatively close proximity to local services and amenities. The best locations for camping in the region are: Rainbow Falls Provincial Park, Neys Provincial Park and the Slate Islands Provincial Park.
If you intended to camp on the Slate Islands, you will need to charter a boat to take you to and from the island.
On the island, while the Woodland Caribou do not shy away from human proximity, please show respect to the them and avoid littering on the island.
Please note that non-residents need to purchase a camping permit if camping on the Slate Islands. To find out more about camping permits and where to purchase them, please visit – Camping on Crown Land for more information.
Camping and Fishing
Camping in the Local Parks and Fishing on Lake Superior

Fishing and Hunting

Fishing is another popular sport in and around Terrace Bay and Schreiber. The warm water lakes (Name the Lakes) contain: pickerel, northern pike, whitefish, perch and suckers. The cold water lakes (Name the lakes) have: lake trout, speckled trout, whitefish, ling and suckers. Rainbow trout spawn in almost every stream that flows into Lake Superior, as well as many salmon species. If you are in need of…, check out Mighty Mitch & Jungle Joe’s Jig Flies—a local father and son duo.
Big Game animals commonly found around Terrace Bay and Schreiber are moose, deer and black bear, with Small Game also available. To obtained a detailed and updated list of animals and hunting seasons, please visit: – Ontario Hunting Regulations Summary.
You must purchase a valid license to fish or hunt in Canada and in extension Northern Ontario.
For regulations, information and licenses, please contact the local office for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources at (807) 825-3205.


Golfing is a very popular sport among residents of Terrace Bay and Schreiber. Terrace Bay features the secluded Aguasabon Golf Course, a beautiful 9-hole course located along Lake Superior. The course offers multi-grade layouts with elevated tees and greens, and sloped fairways in all directions. Services are provided at the Aguasabon Golf Course Clubhouse and include: a driving range, putting green, pro shop, rental services, and a fully-licensed restaurant and bar. The Club House can be rented out for events and catering services are available.
For more information, please feel free to call (807) 825-3844 or visit the Aguasabon Golf Course website.
Aguasabon Golf Course and Hiking in Terrace Bay
Aguasabon Golf Course Clubhouse and Hiking the Casques Isles Trail


Stretching across the forests and shorelines of Lake Superior, the Casques Isles Trail is a breathtaking section of the larger Voyageur Hiking Trail network and opens up at the Terrace Bay Beach. From Terrace Bay going all the way to Rossport, the full length of the Casques Isles Hiking Trail is 53 km. Thankfully, for those who do not wish to hike the entire route, the trail is divided into five segments, each with its own unique terrain, varying distances and gorgeous views.

The trail was created with accessibility in mind. As such, there are access points across the entire length of the trail to Ontario Highway 17, you don’t have to hike the whole length to enjoy the trail!


Highlights of the Casques Isles trail are the beautiful view of Lyda Bay, Indian pictographs, glacial floats and the Mount Gwynne lookout, situated 260 m above Lake Superior.


The Casques Isles Hiking Trail is an incredible adventure and rewarding experience for both the amateur and advanced hikers alike!

Please visit the Casques Isles Trail page for maps and more information.


Kayaking and Canoeing enthusiasts will love this area for what nature has to offer in the way of inland paddling and trips on Lake Superior.Winding through beaver meadows and granite bluffs, the Steel River waterway is home to a wide variety of Northern Ontario plant and animal communities. There are several versions of this canoe route ranging from 3 – 10 days in length. The Steel River Circle Route takes 7-10 days and there are some very challenging portages on this route. Scenery and fishing are excellent along the Steel River. The fast water is classified as 1.5 (with 1 being easiest and 3 being most difficult).

If kayaking is your interest, Lake Superior’s vast shores provide the perfect setting for a journey. Several companies including Wilderness Inquiry, Caribou Expeditions and Naturally Superior Adventures offer kayaking tours which allow for sightseeing and adventure. The Slate Islands are a favorite destination and here, visitors can gaze upon rugged bays and inlets, unusual geologic features, and of course, caribou.

Kayaking at Rossport
Kayaking at Rossport

For more information about the Steel River Canoe Routes contact the Ministry of Natural Resources at (807) 825-3205.

For information about a pick up/ drop off service, call the Tourist Information Centre or contact:
Superior Outfitters – David Tamblyn
Box 88, Rossport, Ontario,Canada, P0T 2R0
Phone (807) 824-3314, E-mail:
Duncan MacKay (807) 825-3338

Sightseeing and Wildlife Viewing

There is much to see in the Terrace Bay/Schreiber area to delight visitors. Schreiber Beach is one of the more picturesque spots in the area. It features a beautiful pavilion perfect for hosting family events as well as a distinct pebbly shoreline. People of all ages will enjoy a fabulous view of Lake Superior.

Aguasabon Gorge and Falls is another not-to-be missed attraction, and here, visitors can gaze upon a 100-foot waterfall as it cascades into the gorge. With a viewing platform and picnic tables available, Aguasabon provides an excellent and scenic place to stop and rest.

13 km outside of Terrace Bay on Lake Superior lies the Slate Islands. The Slates are composed of 17 islands and are accessible only by boat or by plane. However, with such features as a lighthouse, a shattercone and an abundance of woodland caribou, the trip is well worthwhile. Wherever your interests may lie, there is something in Terrace Bay and Schreiber to capture your imagination.
For visitors interested in viewing the animal population of Northern Ontario, the Terrace Bay and Schreiber area is the place to be!
Wildlife commonly found in the region include moose, deer, owls, wolves, skunks and the largest unpredated herd of woodland caribou known. Caribou are found on the Slate Islands and thrive there due to the lack of predators around them. They can often be seen swimming across the bay or walking along the shore.
Dueling Caribou at the Slate Islands
Caribou Dueling at the Slate Islands

Skiing and Trestle Ridge Ski Hill

The Superior Cross Country Ski Club is a not for profit organization run by local volunteers, and they maintain a cross country ski trail at Rainbow Falls Provincial Park.
Rainbow Falls Trails Information
  • Between Schreiber & Rossport
  • 19km west of Terrace Bay
  • 6km of groomed trails
  • Classical & skate style skiing
Membership fees are $50.00/family, $35.00/single.  Fees pay for the gas, oil and maintenance of grooming equipment.  Please contact Club President Peter Reeves at 824-3477 for more information and how to pay for your membership fees.

Is downhill skiing one of your specialties? Why not spend some time on our slopes? Trestle Ridge offers 5 ski runs ranging from beginner to intermediate-advanced, along with a terrain park. They offer a fully equipped rental shop including skis, boots and snowboards. Private ski lessons are available upon request.  Light snacks are available at the ski chalet. Why not start planning your winter vacation today? Call (807) 825-4512 for further information or visit the Trestle Ridge Ski Hill webpage.

Ski Hill Hours of Operation:
Fridays & Saturdays: 6:30pm to 9:30pm
Saturdays & Sundays: 12:30pm to 4:30pm


Enjoy swimming at one of the many beaches that Terrace Bay and Schreiber has to offer.  Popular summertime spots are the Terrace Bay Beach and Pumphouse Beach, Schreiber Beach and Whitesand Lake. Terrace Bay’s pool is located next to the Recreation Complex and features a diving board and slide. The pool can also be rented for parties. For more information and hours of swimming, phone 825-3315 ext.225
Outdoor Swimming Pool and Great Grey Owl in a Tree
Swimming at the Outdoor Pool in Terrace Bay and a Great Grey Owl on the Local Trails