Schreiber Town Committees

Government Schreiber Town Committees

The Township of Schreiber currently has five volunteer based committees that are geared towards improving the well-being of the community and promoting tourism and economic development in order to provide a sustainable future for Schreiber.

The volunteer committees of the Township of Schreiber help to ensure the success of the community and provide an outlet of expression for new ideas and recommendations for the Township that are recognized by Council. The Township of Schreiber Committees are always looking for new volunteers and new voices. If you are interested in joining a committee, please submit your name, phone number and email to:

Mayor and Council

Re: Committee Statement of Intent

P.O. Box 40, 204 Alberta Street

Schreiber, ON P0T2S0

Or via email to:

Schreiber Community Economic Development COmmittee

Mandate: To advise on initiatives to attract and retain investment within the community. Economic Development includes: tourism, marketing, new business opportunities, and business attraction and investment.

To Provide advice on:
• 3-Year Community Economic Development Strategic Plan (2016-9-1)
• Community Revitalization Plan (2016)
• Community Improvement Plan (2019)

To support the development of alliances and partnerships to advance the Schreiber’s strategic plan and that assist in the overall growth of the Township.
To provide advice regarding existing and new bylaws that relate to/impact development within the community.

Schreiber recreation & Festivals committee

Mandate: To advise and make recommendations to Council on matter related to the programming and utilization of Schreiber’s recreational facilities. To advise and make recommendations to Council on the implementation of a Recreation and Festivals Strategic Plan.

schreiber Beautification committee

Mandate: To advise and make recommendations to Council on all matters with respect to the utilization and beautification of public parks, trails, trees, green space and the Schreiber Cemetery.

schreiber Youth committee

Mandate: To provide a voice for the youth of Schreiber, while advising Council of important recreational and social issues concerning the Town’s younger population.

schreiber Cemetery committee

Mandate: To advise on issues regarding the Schreiber Cemetery, and the Worthington Bay Cemetery, and to make recommendations to Council to set regulations for funerals and internment. To make recommendations as to the operation and maintenance on the cemeteries.