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Landfill Recycling

In partnership with the Township of Terrace Bay, a free recycling depot has been established at the Terrace Bay landfill.  The depot is open to all residents and businesses of Schreiber during normal landfill operating hours within the rules of the program.

 Residents and businesses are asked to bring materials following the rules of the system:
  • Materials must be sorted, clean, dry and flattened as per program rules
  • Materials must be in clear transparent bags or bundled/flattened (cardboard)
  • Visitors will show the materials to the attendant to inspect for compliance with program rules
  • If the materials are within the program guidelines, they will pack inside the 53 foot trailers.
Recycling Station in Terrace Bay

The landfill entrance and recycling depot (left) and electronic waste depot (right)

Click here to download the Schreiber Recycling Handout 2017 to save to your computer or put on your fridge.

The following is an outline of what can and cannot be recycled by the Township of Schreiber

If you have any questions, please contact the Township of Schreiber at: or (807) 824-2711.

Recycling Rules


Are to be cleaned and contained within a clear bag.

The following containers are recyclable:

Product: Requirement(s):
• Cans Aluminum and metal; crushed (if possible)
• Aluminum foil wrap & trays Cleaned and crumpled
• Gable top cartons Flattened
• Juice boxes Flattened and without the straws
• Plastic containers All #1 and #2s (look for the symbol on the bottom); crushed (if possible)


Paper Products

Are to be uncrumpled, dry and contained within a clear bag.

The following paper products are recyclable:

Product: Requirement(s):
• Newspaper
• Flyers & junk mail
• Magazines
• Soft cover books
• Fine paper  Uncrumpled
• Paper egg cartons
• Boxboard (E.g. cereal boxes, frozen food boxes etc.)


Is to be dry, flattened & bundled with string or twine at a maximum of 3 ft. x 2 ft. x 1ft.



These items are to be either placed in the garbage or recycled using alternative recycling methods.

The following containers/products are non-recyclable:

  • Any type of plastic bag
  • Straws
  • Tupperware
  • Styrofoam
  • Glass
  • Aerosols
  • Plastic bottle caps

Curbside recycling Program

The Township of Schreiber is proud to present a Curb-Side Recycyling Program!

Curbside recycling pickup is available to residential users within the community and takes place on the last Thursday of each month. There is no fee involved, however, as outlined below, please adhere to what the town can and cannot recycle.

Curbside Recycling Pick Up The Last Thursday of Each Month — 7:00 am

*Please Note: All Recycling Rules Must Be Adhered to for Curbside Pickup*

Electronics recycling Program

The Schreiber Municipal Office is a recognized Call2Recycle drop off location

for batteries and cellphones!

Please note that No wet cell (car) batteries, damaged batteries, or defective

batteries, will be accepted.

Larger Electronics such as TVs, Computers, Steros, Printers, Speakers, etc.

may be dropped off at the Electronic Waste (E-Waste) Recyling Program at

the Landfill.

Please Note: Electronics containing mercury will not be accepted.


SCRap metal collection program

A scrap metal collection program is operating at the landfill and will accept any and all forms of scrap metal, appliances and metal-based items from all businesses and residents at a cost (Landfill Site Passes).
Please note that on-site attendants have the final say for what will or will not be accepted as “scrap metal.”