Government Municipal Services Public Works Landfill
SUMMER HOURSJune 1 to October 15

2:00pm to 6:00pm

Closed Tuesdays & Thursdays

 WINTER HOURSOctober 16 to May 31

1:00pm to 5:00pm

Closed Sundays, Tuesdays & Thursdays

*Landfill Site is Closed on Statutory & Civic Holidays

Garbage Collection is on Wednesdays

Landfill Site User Passes are available for purchase at the Schreiber Municipal Complex Office.

Landfill Site User Passes

$12.00 pass – 6 punches

$24.00 pass – 12 punches

$50.00 pass – 25 punches

Landfill Site Fees

2 Punches – $4.00

Cars; ½ ton truck with equivalent of 5 or less garbage bags; access with no disposal.

4 Punches – $8.00

½ ton truck with equivalent of more than 5 garbage bags or construction waste

12 Punches – $24.00

Trucks over 1 ton, up to and including single axle dump trucks

50 Punches – $100.00

Tandem or tri-axle trucks

50 Punches – $100.00

Licensed sewage disposal trucks (to be dumped in appropriate drying bed)

100 Punches – $200.00

Tandem or tri-axle trucks with fuel-contaminated soil.

Derelict Vehicles – $50.00

The Township has registered with the Ontario Tire Stewardship and now accepts tires from most (on and off-road) passenger, industrial and agricultural vehicles at the landfill. There is no charge, provided that the tires are not on a rim.

Tires on the rim have a charge associated based on the figures below.

Tires on the rim:

2 Punches – $4.00 – car and light truck tires

10 Punches – $20.00 – large truck tires

20 Punches – $40.00 – Tractor/heavy equipment tires

For information on tire recycling visit

  • Fee for asbestos disposal to be determined by type and volume
  • Minimum two hour charge for machine time