Fire and Emergency Services



Fire and Emergency Services

Volunteer Fire Department

1236896_10151962476345712_2041899298_nCentennial Fire Station
P.O. Box 700, 222 Subway Street
Schreiber, ON, P0T 2S0
Non-Emergency Phone: 807-824-2094
Fire Safety Reminder
The Schreiber and Terrace Bay Fire Department has produced an article to remind everyone about the importance of using heating appliances safely.  To review the document, please click here.
Current Firefighter Roster



Date Active

Jan Morrison Fire Chief August 2006
Cory Huard Deputy Fire Chief December 1988
Gene Ross Assistant Chief July 1974
Dan Roy Captain January 2004
Dan Bourguignon Captain April 2007
Spruce Schintz Captain November 2008
Paula Dodd Firefighter July 2009
Chris Labbe Firefighter February 2010
Jamie Harper Firefighter February 2011
Bret Godin Firefighter June 2011
Jordan Riley Firefighter November 2011
Amy Huard Firefighter June 2012
Bonnie Labbe Firefighter June 2012
Rebecca Morrison Firefighter June 2012
Devon Bourguignon Firefighter March 2014
Erica Parent Firefighter October 2015
Katherine Doig Radio Operator November 2015
Owen Bottomley Firefighter January 2018
Corrin Madge Firefighter April 2019
Mitch McLaughlin Firefighter June 2019
Keith Baxter Firefighter October 2019