External Job Posting- General Laborer, TeraNorth Construction & Engineering Ltd.

Posted on July 24, 2019

TeraNorth Construction & Engineering Ltd. are looking for a general laborer. The pay rate is 16 to 17 an hour, with 55+ hours a week.

Some duties include:

  • Setting up cones, barricades and possibly flagging vehicles to control the flow of traffic.
  • Cleaning and preparing a job site, loading and delivering materials, and using a variety of tools
  • Move and lift heavy items throughout the construction zone and assist construction workers in finishing projects safely.

Experience isn’t really necessary but is always an asset.  The job site is located on 10 Pow Wow Drive, Pays Plat, ON, P0T 3C0. However, most of the job will be completed on the highway towards Gravel River.


If you are interested in this position, please contact:

Cheyenne Gray
Gravel River Site Office
TeraNorth Construction & Engineering Ltd.
Office Number: 705-280-0252
E-Mail: cheyenne.teranorth@outlook.com