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Footcare by Carol-Lynn

92 Lakeview Dr., Box 895, Terrace Bay

Hospice Northwest - Terrace Bay Schreiber Division

415 Scotia Street, Box 760, Schreiber

J. E. Stokes Medical Centre

415 Scotia St., Schreiber

McCausland Hospital

20B Cartier Dr., Terrace Bay

Mental Illness Support Network (MISN) - Schreiber

313 Scotia Street, P.O. Box 234, Schreiber

Mountainview Dental Office

415 Scotia St., Box 843, Schreiber

North of Superior Counselling Programs-Schreiber

211 Walker Street, P.O. Box 148, Schreiber

North Shore Family Health Team

415 Scotia St., Box 760, Schreiber

Northern Lights Safety

4 Kenogami Road, Terrace Bay

Stewart Guardian Pharmacy

31 Simcoe Plaza, Box 670, Terrace Bay

Superior Speech Services

315 Scotia St., Box 669, Schreiber

Terrace Bay Chiropractic Office

10 Terrace Heights Dr., Box 87, Terrace Bay

Terrace Bay Diabetes Program - Stewart Pharmacy

31 Simcoe Plaza, Box 670, Terrace Bay
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