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Request for Proposal - Concession Services at Schreiber Arena 

The Township invites qualified Proponents to submit proposals for Concession Services at Schreiber Arena for 2015-2016 term for the Township of Schreiber.

This RFP provides detailed information for Proponents who have the necessary qualifications and experience to fulfill the requirements of this RFP. Please read it carefully.

Proposals shall be accepted in PDF form by email only, and shall be submitted at or before the closing date and time, to the email address noted below:

Closing Time/Date: October 5th, 2015 at 5:00 PM, local time. 

Email address:

For the complete Request for Proposal, please email Mark Giordani, Community and Economic Development Manager at

SCHREIBER/ TERRACE BAY – Hydro One has a planned power outage


Hydro One has a planned power outage in the area Sunday, September, 27th, 2015.  The outage will affect all of the residents of Schreiber and Terrace Bay.  The planned outage is to maintain and upgrade the network.   Service is expected to be out from 8:00am to 4:00pm.

Scuba Divers Search For Steam Locomotive 694
On June 10th 1910, steam locomotive 694 crashed into Lake Superior . The steam locomotive’s engine, tender and two cars derailed and slid down a 65 foot embankment into Lake Superior after striking rocks that had fallen onto the tracks. The head end crew consisting of an Engineer, Fireman and Brakeman, from Schreiber all perished in the accident. Today, there are 7 D10 Engine’s in existence, of the 502 overall.  The Canadian Pacific Railway took the Class D10 Engine off the roster in July 1910. 

This August the Lake Superior Steam Locomotive Group and the Municipal Township of Schreiber are working with Discovery Charters to discover this historical artifact. Experienced scuba divers from Southern Ontario and Discovery Charters from Rossport Ontario have offered to carry out the search for the wreck. Doug Stefurak from the Lake Superior Steam Locomotive Group will be accompanying them on their expedition due to his knowledge of the accident and the local landscape.

Examining past news articles has led them to believe that the engine is in about 200 feet of water and approximately 45 miles east of Schreiber Ontario . The purpose of this diving expedition is to locate the underwater salvage of steam locomotive 694 and to photograph the numbers on the engine to verify it. At this time, nothing will be removed from the site.

*Staff will be videotaping the excursion for documentary purposes. 

Council now Streaming Live!
Council/Committee of the Whole meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, at 6:30PM in Council Chambers.  Thanks to the initiative of the Schreiber Public Library,  Council meetings will now be streamed live to the web each second and fourth Tuesday, starting at 6:30PM.  Tune in at the link below. 
Click here    to view a live stream of the Council Meeting (only active during set meeting times)
Schreiber receives funding from SNCFDC's Local Initiatives to conduct environmental studies
The Township of Schreiber was very pleased to receive approximately $9,200 in funding from the Superior North Community Futures Development Corporation’s Local Initiatives program for environmental studies.  


The Township of Schreiber is actively dealing with a number of failed tax sale properties throughout the community. In line with the Strategic Plan, long term financial goals and overall revitalization of the community, the Township is taking action on these properties to make them viable again. Unfortunately, many of the structures located on these properties have become derelict and uninhabitable.   To move the community forward and eliminate potential safety hazards, the Township is forced to demolish some of these structures.  


The studies in question are known as Designated Substance Surveys (DSS) and are required under Occupational Health and Safety Act  (OHSA) to identify the presence of Designated Substances prior to demolition or renovation work. The DSS’s ensure that the demolition of derelict structures is done in a safe manner, protecting workers and the public alike.This funding represents a vital component of the Township’s planned demolition of two large derelict properties in the community.



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