Working in Schreiber

The Township of Schreiber is an ideal location to live, work and play. When it comes to employment opportunities, there are many opportunities currently available. See our Job Bank for all current available jobs in the region.

What Types of Jobs are Available in Schreiber?
The two major employers for the people of Schreiber are CP Rail and the Pulp Mill in Terrace Bay (AV Terrace Bay). Moreover, Schreiber is also home to a booming service sector: as local businesses grow and tourism to the region expands, the need for Schreiber businesses to hire employees also increases.
The Draw of Living in Schreiber and Working Anywhere in Northern Ontario and Beyond
There are many people here in Schreiber who work in neighboring communities on the North Shore. In addition, we have residents who travel from as far as Alberta or Southern Ontario for their jobs.
  People make this choice because Schreiber is one of Canada's most liveable communities. T he average real estate sale price in Schreiber is just under $60,000; beautiful surroundings abound; the air is fresh; all the amenities one would ever need are at your fingertips.
For more information on working in Schreiber visit our Job Bank or contact Mark Giordani at

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